The Huntress
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Batgirl - Year One #1
Written by Chuck Dixon & Scot Beatty
Art by Marcos Martin & Alvaro Lopez

remember when dick was being a sexist little butthole and bruce tried to warn him but he didn’t listen and babs gave him a lesson in feminism 101 with bruises? ah, good times

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  • "You. Me. Cuddle. Now."
  • "Don’t move, I just got comfy."
  • "I’m scared, hold me!"
  • "I bit my lip. Will you kiss it better?"
  • "Tickle war has been declared!"
  • "Bunny pyjamas, really?"
  • "I’ve never seen so many kittens in one place."
  • "Come on, just one bite."
  • "How do you accidentally buy sixty birthday cakes?”
  • "I never imagined you were so… ticklish."
  • "You’re so huggable."
  • "You’re under arrest for being too cute. Put your hands where I can hold them."
  • "Have you fallen asleep on me?"


Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) - Birds of Prey Vol. 2 #10
Gotta love working with Helena. She’s the coolest hero ever.


Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) - Birds of Prey Vol. 2 #10

Gotta love working with Helena. She’s the coolest hero ever.

Good Girl




Helena glared up at Jason, gnawing on her inner cheek. “What happened to the whole, ‘I see you as a sister, Hel.’?” 


As he explained, Helena felt like a lowlife for intruding on his life; especially since he was now angry with her. She knew she was wrong for asking all together but curiosity had gotten the better of her. Once he was done with his questions, she looked up at him with a belittled look. “I’m sorry I asked and assumed.” Helena mumbled as she climbed over the table, hugging him close. “You don’t question me even when I need your help. Do you forgive me?” image

Jason smiled at her as she climbed over the table and hugged him close to her. He wrapped an arm around her and he hugged her warmly in return, giving her a firm squeeze and enjoying her warmth. “Hel, you have saved me more times than I can remember. You are always there for me and you actually care about me. How in the world could I not forgive you for something small like this?”


A smirk played its way onto her face, corrupting the soften expression that had been there earlier. Jay had always been this way, easily forgiving towards Helena; even if it was something Helena could never forgive. Jason had that tendency for her. “Just making sure you haven’t changed just yet. I know everyone else around here has done a complete 180.” She murmured as she pulled away, settling herself on the table. “So are you gonna tell me what favor you needed? And why you didn’t come to me first?” 

Just roll with it.



"I am eager to get what I desire back not to kill someone. Unless a thief wanted to approach me with his cockiness." Her attitude started to fade as he looked beyond exasperated. He didn’t steal it. Helena sighed out, slightly tapping her foot with the rest of her aggravation. "I-It’s an Italian pistol, engraved by my grandfather. I hid it here because my apartment has been searched frequently, most of my weapons are hidden else where but I needed it out and fast." She grumbled, having no idea why she was indulging in this stranger. Especially information about her past. 

Italian pistols were pricey, when in good quality. But something so deeply personal, with heavy sentimental value? Finding it would be easy, if it had been stolen. She needed it soon, so that put Sash on a clock, counting down. He looked pensive, thoughtful even. “I’ll get it,” He said, turning on his heel. “Meet me back here in two hours. I’ll have your gun.”

Helena didn’t trust this man but she didn’t anyone. And at this moment she couldn’t turn down any help. Knowing the stranger had not stolen her pistol but he could help her find it, there was no point in arguing. “Fine, I will see you in this exact spot in 2 hours.” She agreed reluctantly, crossing her arms over her chest about to embark on her long and tiring wait.

After nearly two hours, Helena was about to find this man and rip him from limb to limb for making her wait. She had perched herself on top of the dumpster, shooting arrows into opposing wall. The arrows had been shot in the shape of an ‘H’, boredom had peaked for Helena. Some scuffling caught her attention, her head whipped in its direction and her crossbow aimed in that direction. “Step out of the shadows, coward.”